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My name is Marta, and for over a decade, I have been crafting exquisite stage outfits and traditional ethnic-style attire. For any performance to truly soar, a good stage costume is essential. That's why I take pride in presenting a rich and varied collection of stunning ethnic-style handmade skirts and dresses, each one expertly designed by yours truly and available for purchase on my Etsy platform.

Of particular note are my beloved Irish Dancing skirts and outfits, which have garnered a devoted following among Irish Dance schools from across the globe. My commitment to using only the highest-quality materials is second to none, as evidenced by the glowing feedback I receive from my cherished clientele. I make it a point to source materials that are built to last, with colors that won't fade even when exposed to sunlight or subjected to the rigors of washing.

I am pleased to say that the dye I use in my garments has been certified by Oeko-Tex 100 (Product Class 1), ensuring the safety of textile products designed for people of all ages, from adults to children, even newborns.

Simply put, if you're in search of a truly show-stopping costume, look no further. In my expertly crafted attire, you are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression that will have all eyes on you.

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